Dear Saltwater Spirits,

Who would have thought writing you would have taken us both this far?

We’ve been invited to multiple readings, been asked to moderate at a conference, and next month, we will be attending our first literary festival ever. I never thought, as a new author and you being a self-published work, that we would ever be able to do any of those things. And yet, we did.

The most meaningful thing for me has been connecting with readers. I loved that interview we did with Aqilah Zailan of Studio Gypsied label, and I’m looking forward to our podcast chat next month with Kim Villagante, a Vancouver-based local musician.

With you, I found my confidence as not only a writer but as an artist joining the ranks of fellow writers and artists today. Our world is at a tipping point, facing unprecedented challenges our ancestors never had to grapple with. I promise to continue my exploration of stories. I promise to continue the tradition of writing, activism, and community-building.


the Author

photo credit: Aqilah Zailan